1. May 2024 Invited talk, Analysis seminar, King’s College London. London

  2. Apr 2024 Invited talk, Probability and Applications seminar, Queen Mary. London

  3. Dec 2023 Invited talk, Quant Summit Europe 2023. London

  4. Nov 2023 Invited talk, Quantminds Internationals. London

  5. Oct 2023 Invited talk, London financial mathematics seminar. London

  6. Oct 2023 Invited talk, Stochastic finance seminar, University of Warwick. Warwick

  7. Oct 2023 Invited talk, Probability seminar, University of Manchester. Manchester

  8. Oct 2023 Invited talk, Financial Mathematics seminar, King’s College London. London

  9. Sep 2023 Invited talk, London-Paris Bachelier workshop 2023. London

  10. Sep 2023 Invited talk, Financial mathematics seminar, Florida State University. Online

  11. Feb 2023 Invited talk, IFAM, University of Liverpool. Online

  12. Sep 2022 Contributed talk, Financial mathematics seminar, University of Michigan Ann Arbor,USA

  13. June 2022 Contributed talk, Oxford-ETH Workshop on Mathematical & Computational Finance Zurich

  14. June 2022 Contributed talk, 11th World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society Online

  15. May, 2022 Contributed talk, 15th Berlin-Oxford Young Researchers Meeting on Applied Stochastic Analysis. Berlin, Germany

  16. May, 2022 Invited talk, Dynamic systems/stochastics seminar, Free University, Berlin. Berlin, Germany

  17. April, 2022 Invited talk, IRTG Graduate Student Seminar, Technische Universität Berlin. Berlin, Germany

  18. Apr, 2022 Invited talk, Mathematical finance seminar, Imperial college London. London, UK

  19. Jan, 2022 Invited talk, Mathematical finance seminar, University of Michigan Michigan. USA

  20. Oct, 2021 Contributed talk, Mathematical and computational finance internal seminar. Oxford, UK

  21. Oct, 2021 Contributed talk, Junior female researchers in probability. Berlin, Germany

  22. Aug, 2021 Contributed talk, 6th Berlin Workshop for Young Researchers on Mathematical Finance. Online

  23. July, 2021 Contributed talk, Bernoulli-IMS 10th World Congress in Probability and Statistics. Online

  24. July, 2021 Contributed talk, Young Researcher’s Session, Statistical Methods in Finance 2021. Online

  25. Jan, 2020 Contributed talk, Bachelier Colloquiums,Mathematical Finance and stochastic calculus. Metabief, France

  26. July, 2019 Poster presentation, LMS Research School on Probability. Bath, UK

  27. March, 2019 Contributed Talk, Oxford-ETH Workshop on Mathematical Finance. Oxford, UK

  28. April, 2018 Invited Talk, Internal Seminar at Indian statistical Institute. Chennai, India

  29. April, 2018 Research seminar talk, Chennai Mathematical Institute (CIM). Chennai, India

  30. March, 2018 Invited talk, Research seminar, Indian Institute of Technology. Chennai, India

  31. Dec, 2017 Poster presentation, International conference on statistics. Hydrabad, India

  32. Sep, 2016 Contributed talk, Workshop on Linear Complementarity and Generalisations. ISI Chennai, India